Which is the right screen for me?

Let us guide you:

If you’re confused about which is the right screen for event then following is our quick guide to the differences between Display, Touch and Interactive screens.

Display Screens

• Work under the same principle as a television

• Perfect for displaying presentations in a large format from your laptop

• Ideal for exhibitions, seminars, meetings, etc.

Touch Screens

• Controlled by using your finger on the screen

• Connect your laptop to present and/or navigate around your computer

• Ideal for corporate events, tradeshows, exhibitions, product launch’s or conferences

• Everything from advertising to training, entertaining and engaging the user

• Excellent solution when competing for the audience’s attention

• Professional sports coaches and TV broadcasters are also frequent hirers

Interactive Screens

• Also known as Interactive Whiteboards

• Though largely used for educational purposes, they are also rented for use in business and public services.

• Create content using the unbound digital whiteboard function – (imagine a flipchart with no edge)

• Allows you to create/amend and save new or existing presentations, meeting notes and actions

• Saves you time by not rewriting/photographing flipchart notes

• Allows you to save and share immediately

• Annotation to existing presentations can easily be made as you can write over almost anything displayed on the screen

• Continue any whiteboard sessions where you left off

• Zoom in, zoom out and move the screen with your hands

• Create a real impact at your training course, exhibition, event or presentation

• Pass ideas back and forth between mobile devices, PCs, and interactive displays