Rent Before You Buy (RBYB)

What is RBYB?

RBYB is a scheme that gives you the ability to test and utilise products on a rental basis with an option to purchase (subsidised) at the end.

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How can it help you?

RBYB can help an organisation in adopting and implementing technology successfully, considering:

  • the environment requirements of the building or workspace
  • the integration and installation requirements


We often find that customers have experienced unsuccessful technology deployment projects in the past simply because the focus has solely been on the technology. Our RBYB service supports you in understanding the necessary internal requirements to support wider deployment, which may not have been considered in previous projects.

The Service

The technology is delivered to site, installed by qualified engineers and then, at the end of the proof of concept, is removed from your office location. All transport costs are covered in the service.

The technology hardware is delivered on a sturdy mobile stand, so there is no need for physical installation. The rental period can be for any length of time but no less than one month to ensure your objectives are met and evaluated within a reasonable timeframe.

The rental period can be extended if required. As the technology is already ‘in situ’, this is a cost-effective way to extend the trial with other potential user groups.

The technology can be purchased at the end or returned without obligation. If you choose to purchase the technology, a discount on the purchase cost will be available.

If you have a requirement for RBYB please contact the AV rentals team at or complete our Contact Form and we will advise on the options for you.