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Panasonic 3 Chip Lenses


Available for short term & long term rentals

These Panasonic 3 Chip lenses add flexibility for rear and short throw projections. Perfect for installations and setups that require large images that are close to the screen. Our 3 chip lenses are compatible with all our 3 chip projectors and provide a high definition image with ultimate clarity.


Choose from:
ET-D75LE6 (Zoom lens, 0.9-1.1:1)
ET-D75LE10 (Zoom lens, 1.3-1.7:1)
ET-D75LE20 (Zoom lens, 1.7-2.4:1)
ET-D75LE30 (Zoom lens, 2.4-4.7:1)
ET-D75LE40 (Zoom lens, 4.6-7.4:1)
ET-D75LE8 (Zoom lens, 7.3-13.8:1)
ET-D75LE50 (Fixed-focus lens, 0.7:1)

ET-D75LE95 (Ultra Short Throw Lens)

Lens throw for Panasonic PT-DZ21K
Transport Weight: 10kg
Lens Weight: 5kg

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