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Panasonic 1 Chip Lenses


Available for short term & long term rentals

These Panasonic lenses are made for standard projection distances while being able to maintain image size. If need-be the image can be enlarged using the zoom feature. Our 1 Chip lenses provide ultimate clarity whilst providing a high definition image. Compatible with all our Panasonic 1 Chip projectors.


Choose from:

ET-DLE080 (Zoom lens, 0.8-0.9:1)
ET-DLE150 (Zoom lens, 1.3-1.9:1)
ET-DLE250 (Zoom lens, 2.3-3.6:1)
ET-DLE350 (Zoom lens, 3.6-5.4:1)
ET-DLE450 (Zoom lens, 5.4-8.6:1)
ET-DLE055 (Fixed-focus lens, 0.8:1)

Lens throw for Panasonic DZ-6710E

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